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Better Care and the Bottom Line

According to a survey of health leaders published in a HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report, “Better Care and the Bottom Line” (June 2011), best practices for chronic care and evidence-based medicine are needed to overcome drivers of waste such as overutilized services and a lack of integration.

  • 52% of the survey respondents put overutilization of services in their top 3 drivers of waste in the healthcare system
  • 67% say a realistic goal for readmission rates is 1% to 3%, but only 40% have achieved that goal
  • The top three tools cited to address medical cost escalation are chronic care management, evidence-based medicine, and medical liability reform.

Healthcare providers are being presented with numerous avenues for achieving better quality and more cost effective medical care — ACOs, consolidation of practices, and affiliation with hospitals, to name just a few.  

If you would like to get a copy of the Report, click here.

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