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Compliance Oversight for Healthcare Leaders and Compliance Plans

In a new seven minute video presentation, OIG Inspector General Daniel Levinson and Chief Counsel Lewis Morris discuss the role of compliance and its importance to the health care industry.

By now, I think we all know that compliance with healthcare laws and regulations is good, and that noncompliance can be very bad.  There is nothing much to learn in seven minutes.  However, there is an important reminder in the video that the OIG wants providers to have effective compliance plans in place. 

Nursing homes are required by the healthcare reform law to have such plans, and  the law gives the OIG the power to require other healthcare industry groups to have compliance plans.  

It is only a matter of time before this requirement is imposed on physicians.     The OIG published guidance for physician compliance plans over 10 years ago.  That guidance is worth reading again.  Similar compliance guidance can be found at the OIG website for other kinds of healthcare providers. 

This is something that healthcare providers should not put off any longer.

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