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HHS launches new Affordable Care Act Initiative to Strengthen Primary Care

Last week, HHS announced a new initiative under the Affordable Care Act.  The initiative is intended “to help primary care practices deliver higher quality, more coordinated and patient-centered care.”   If you follow this link, you will come to CMS’s new Comprehensive Primary Care initiative web site.  A summary of the initiative is available in a CMS “FactSheet.

The initiative is a limited demonstration project, and will be available in five to seven markets across the country, based on where a preponderance of health care payers apply.  CMS intends to partner with commercial and public health insurers to promote community-wide investments in comprehensive primary care.  Payers can be private insurers, Medicare Advantage Plans, states (e.g., Medicaid program or state employee health plans), high risk pools, etc. 

CMS will provide resources to primary care practices that choose to participate in the initiative that will help primary care physicians work with patients to ensure that the physicians:

  • Manage Care for Patients with High Health Care Needs
  • Ensure Access to Care
  • Deliver Preventive Care
  • Engage Patients and Caregivers to participate in their own care
  • Coordinate Care Across the Medical Neighborhood

CMS will pay primary care providers for improved and comprehensive care management, and after two years offer them the chance to share in any savings they generate.  Equally important, CMS will look to collaborate with other payers in local markets who will commit to similar approaches to how they engage and compensate primary care practices.

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