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GE, IBM, and Boeing: Improving Health Care for their Employees

Through its HealthAhead program, online portal and mobile application, GE is communicating with employees and empowering them to take an active and accountable role in planning and managing their health, to engage in behaviors for healthy living and to demand value from the health care system.

The foundation of IBM’s approach to driving value and innovation in the health care delivery system is primary care transformation. IBM’s leaders believe that the primary care medical home model is a promising catalyst for overall health care delivery system reform.

In February 2007, Boeing launched the Intensive Outpatient Care Program (IOCP) to test an innovative health care delivery model designed to treat patients with multiple, complex conditions in a more efficient, high-touch manner. The IOCP was based on three key assumptions:

  • Twenty percent of the high-cost population utilize 80 percent of health care spend;
  • Medically complex individuals are underserved by the current fragmented, inefficient health care system and can benefit the most from personalized, coordinated care; and
  • A breakthrough in health care delivery for medically complex patients could provide important lessons for the health care system and help shape the design of the future medical home delivery model.

See articles on all 3 companies on Scoop.it – Changing Healthcare for the Better

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