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PAMF Doctor Researching Patient-Centered Care – San Jose Mercury News

Research by Dr. Dominick Frosch of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation is expected to benefit patients in Santa Cruz County.  Frosch’s pilot project is one of 50 funded for two years by the nonprofit Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, which allocated $30 million in April. Frosch was awarded $674,264. He is testing whether empowering patients to ask three key questions will result in patients learning about all the options available and the potential outcomes.

The 3 questions are:

• Given my personal characteristics, conditions and preferences, what should I expect will happen to me?

• What are my options and what are the benefits and harms of those options?

• What can I do to improve the outcomes that are most important to me?

According to Frosch, patients are frequently not informed by their health care providers of the full range of interventions, and patients are often reluctant to speak up because they fear being perceived as “difficult” and getting lower quality care.

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