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Federal health care law is just one part of changes in medical care

Now that the election is over, healthcare experts are focusing on how to make healthcare reform work for patients and providers.  It was never supposed to be easy.  Obamacare presents a paradigm shift in how healthcare is being thought about in this country.  Unfortunately, this process of intelligently implementing the law is three years late, but finally it’s starting.

One example of how people are beginning to think was reported in LiveWell Nebraska (Omaha World Herald):

American medical care is changing for a variety of reasons, and the results in many cases are unpredictable, University of Nebraska Medical Center experts said Thursday at a forum.

The changes are occurring because of the federal health care law, which is now secure with President Barack Obama’s re-election, federal budget constraints and a general acceptance that the American health care system is inefficient.

The experts’ comments ranged from optimism that care will improve with teamwork to concern that there will be too few doctors and nurses in an underfunded system.


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