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Is Concierge Medicine Finally Ready for Takeoff? – HealthLeaders Media

For years observers have been predicting the impending migration of physicians into direct pay or concierge medicine, where no longer will they have to accept low Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements or haggle with private payers.

Has that time finally arrived?

A recent survey of more than 13,500 physicians found that 6.8% of them would “embrace” direct pay or concierge medicine within the next three years. That includes 9.6% of practice owners, 7.7% of primary care physicians, and 6.4% of specialists, according to the survey conducted by physician recruiters Merritt Hawkins for The Physicians Foundation.

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Physicians have limited choices in front of them for how they will provide care in the future (and the future is now) — (1) maintain the status quo, (2) combine, merge, or consolidate with, or sell to, with other physicians, (3) sell to, or affiliate with, hospital systems or managed care companies, or (4) become independent of other physicians, of hospitals, and of managed care companies by doing concierge medicine.

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