Your EHR needs a population health management system

Office-based medical practice is changing fast. The government is providing incentives to those practices that use electronic prescribing and electronic records systems and will soon penalize those that don’t. Health reform will shortly deliver many newly insured patients to your office. A host of new patient care models aimed at making healthcare more team-based are emerging. Reimbursement tied to outcomes will demand a greater level of patient management and engagement in the care process.

Often, though, an EHR alone cannot provide the functionality necessary to manage a specific population of patients.

There are many reasons a practice may need to identify and proactively work with a defined group of patients. Primarily, it’s to insure they are receiving care according to the evidenced-based standards agreed upon by the practice.  See on

Many physicians are re-evaluating their first choice of EHR and are changing to others as they learn how they work and what is needed for their medical practices.  This is just one more instanceof making saure your EHR is robust enough to add new important components as the need develops.


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