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Modern Physician: Survey shows Primary-care docs generating more hospital revenue

While physicians in general generated less net revenue for their affiliated hospitals last year, primary-care doctors generated more, on average, than other specialists, according to a survey of hospital chief financial officers conducted by Merritt Hawkins (PDF), an Irving, Texas-based physician recruitment firm.

According to the survey of 102 CFOs conducted in January, physicians in the 18 specialties tracked by Merritt Hawkins brought in an average of almost $1.45 million to their affiliated hospitals—a 9% decrease from the $1.54 million recorded by physicians in 2010, the last time the survey was conducted. But the revenue generated by the direct admissions, procedures, tests and other services ordered by family physicians, internists and pediatricians equaled almost $1.57 million, which was up around 13% from the almost $1.39 million recorded in 2010. (Although it was still below the almost $1.6 million reported in a 2004 Merritt Hawkins survey.) And, while orthopedic surgeons (more than $2.68 million) and invasive cardiologists (almost $2.17 million) were the top revenue-generating specialties, the average figure for the 15 non-primary-care specialists was more than $1.42 million.

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