Avoid Being the Ostrich

A recent post on the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions Blog, “Convergence in health care: The opportunity in uncertainty,” starts off with the following statement:

There is no question that significant change is occurring in the health care industry and nobody really knows exactly how all of this is going to play out over the next couple of years. In light of all of this uncertainty, one of two scenarios could have played out: players in the health care industry could have sat on the sidelines, waited it out to see what happens, and avoided the potential risk that comes with uncertainty. Instead, the alternative scenario is playing out with organizations across all parts of health care using change as an opportunity to make bold plays from a strategic perspective. Some of that is manifesting itself in consolidation within sectors, and some of that is manifesting itself in convergence across sectors.

I agree.

As I tell my healthcare clients, the roller coaster healthcare environment presents them with many alternative business opportunities.  However, one alternative that must be avoided is doing nothing.  Doing nothing is not the same as staying where you are.  The status quo may be the right strategy for some.  For others, it may be consolidation and convergence.  But everyone needs to stay focused and be an active participant in his or her business future.  Involvement is required to evaluate the different alternatives and make a good decision.  Otherwise, opportunities will be lost and maybe lost forever.

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