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Race and the Health of America

Jon Stewart on Race

This doesn’t have much to do about health law, but it does have to do with the long-term health of America.

I like to think that I am a caring and tolerant human being. I am also a White Anglo Saxon Protestant male. I have no ethnic background worthy of opinion one way or the other. I am plain white toast with margarine. I cannot comprehend what it is to live a life filled with fear and danger when simply going about activities of normal daily living. That is inexcusable in America, and it only can change by our being constantly reminded that the problem of prejudice is real and is affecting real people.

Racism is a virus.  Our health as a nation requires that virus to be obliterated.  The obliteration only happens when we as a nation refuse to tolerate racism — it does not matter how the racism shows itself.  Racial oriented jokes are more insidious sometimes than overt racist behavior.  People of good character must be willing to say enough is enough.  No more excuses and explanations about whether the person who was abused because of his race is somehow responsible the abuse.

It’s time for America to get healthy.

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