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Tampa Area Sleep Doctors Come under Federal Scrutiny

In a press release yesterday, the Department of Justice announced that a complaint has been filed under the False Claims Act (“FCA”) against Bay Area Sleep Associates LLC, d/b/a SomnoMedics LLC, and its owner, Edward Kilmer, Jr. 

The complaint alleges that the defendants hired unlicensed sleep technicians to perform sleep tests at one or more of their facilities beginning in 2004 or earlier. 

The lawsuit stems from a qui tam or “whistleblower” suit filed by William Revels, a former sleep study technician employee.  The government has intervened in that suit.  If the suit is successful, Revels will receive a percentage of the government’s recovery.

One take away from all this is that health care providers cannot think that no one will find out when they do bad things.   Their employees know, and those employees, especially former ones, can be the eyes and the ears of the government.  So, people do find out, and fraudulent providers need to beware.

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