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Obamacare and the Politics of Ignorance, Hate, and Fear

Everyone knows that the current healthcare system is broken, unsustainable, and is bankrupting the country (while providing inadequate access to what has become substandard healthcare).  Nevertheless, Republicans remain focused on repealing the only meaningful piece of healthcare reform legislation passed in years.  Obamacare is not perfect, and politicians should be working to improve it.

But they’re not.

So, let’s just be honest.

The fight against Obamacare is nothing about healthcare.  Any one with any knowledge of Obamacare knows it, because there is nothing about Obamacare that explains the rabid Republican-led reaction against it.  Instead, the fight is about a deep hate and fear of the President, of the poor, of the foreign, and of the non-white.  This hatred, this racism is obvious and clear.

Granted that there may be a “principled” argument to be made  against the individual mandate, but, really, is that what is upsetting people?

The misinformed public has no understanding of the benefits of Obamacare.  They are victims of the purposely false and deceitful campaign of misinformation waged by Republican leaders, who never mention that Obamacare makes health insurance available and affordable, it eliminate lifetime caps and preexisting conditions, it fights healthcare fraud, and it moves to less expensive preventive care.  There are no death panels, there are no governmental bureaucrats making healthcare decisions.

Unfortunately, logic and reason are no match against ignorance, racism, and hate.  Patriotism seems to have lost out also.

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