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65,899,660 Votes Have to Mean Something

The Tea Party Republicans in the House and Senate like to say that they are representing their constituents, and shutting down the government and defunding Obamacare are what those constituents want.  They demand that the President be willing to negotiate with them to promote their distorted view of America.

But what about the 65,899,660 Americans who voted to re-elect the President last November?  We don’t want the President to negotiate to un-win the victories that were legitimately won.  There is nothing to negotiate about and certainly not with these self-appointed so-called leaders, some of whom have retained positions of power through questionable means.  Perhaps, a time honored way to stay in office, but not to hijack a government they could not win legitimately.  In fact, the Republicans should not even be in control of the House given the local popular vote in many states that “elected” Republicans.

Most Tea Party Republicans belong to an outlier mentality who do not understand Obamacare because they have been so maliciously misinformed about it.   Their ignorance is being used by those in power who have promoted it to fight the President’s policies.

This is a battle far more important than any that has faced us since Nixon’s shenanigans.  Rich men are doing what they can to impose on America a worldview that the public rejected.

This is not politics as usual, and it is about much more than healthcare.  If the President loses this, then let’s be honest — elections and democracy are just meaningless shams in America.  Money rules, and rich people of influence who are elected by no one can win political victories through a campaign of lies.

America is about process, and Ted Cruz and the other Congressional members of the flatworld society are only about winning.  They don’t get it.  They don’t want to get it.  We cannot allow these well-funded radicals to take what they couldn’t win at the polls.  Moderates and reasonable people of both parties are at an obvious disadvantage by relying on the Constitutional process.  So, the revolution is coming, but whether it will be a democratic one or an oligarchic one is the question of our time.  Buckle up.

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