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What is the Problem … Really?

On Meet the Press this morning, National Review’s Rich Lowry said that Obamacare presented an unacceptable major social change to the country.

What exactly is that unacceptable change?

Requiring people to get insured and subsidizing those who can’t afford it?  Making people take responsibility for their health? Prohibiting insurance companies from refusing to insure someone?

It’s not like public dollars are going to start being used to cover people who weren’t covered before.

People have always gotten care paid for by the public — anyone could walk into the ER.  Now, however, people can get better care, preventive care, more affordably.  Are there really people who rationally oppose any of this? Poll after poll shows popular support when the actual facts of Obamacare are explained.

Honestly, I hear the words ranted out in opposition to Obamacare, but I cannot comprehend what the real issue is.

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