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Steps 1 and 2 (of 7) in Doing a Healthcare Deal (Correctly)

Step 1 – Describe and Understand the Deal

  • Why?
  • What is it that is hoped to be accomplished?
  • Why is that a good outcome?
  • Does it make sense? I.e., is it commercially reasonable?
  • Is the deal more than just about referrals and money?
  • What happens if a regulator “follows the money”?
  • How will the deal affect others – patients, employees, physicians, competitors, the community, etc.?
  • What are the tax effects?
  • Engage legal, accounting, valuation, and other professional consultants early in the process to review the proposed deal.


Step 2 – Identify the Parties to the Deal

  • Who is involved (medical professionals, background)?
  • Why are they involved?
  • What do they bring to the deal?
  • When did they get involved?
  • Who got them involved?
  • What does each party hope to achieve?
  • Are the goals reasonable?
  • Are the goals legal and ethical?
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